For those who are interested in internet governance, you will be happy to know that the registration for the Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2019 is now open! This year’s event will be held on the 1st August at the Sarova Panafric Hotel from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KIGF)  brings together various stakeholder groups to dialogue on ICT and Internet policy. While the discussions give soft policy outcomes, Kenya Internet Governance Forum is a knowledge-sharing platform that informs and inspires policy actors in both the public and private sectors.

KeSIG’s mission is to increase the capacity of key actors and potential actors in the local internet governance space. These include traditional human rights defenders and civil society organisations, students, academia, the tech community and government departments. These actors are also commissioned to participate in international internet policymaking for thereby contributing African perspectives in global debates.

This national forum also feeds into the regional and global Internet Governance Fora through a chain of reporting and representation to the regional and global Internet Governance Fora to ensure a bottom-up Internet policy development processes and a strong link between global internet policies and the national one.

This year’s theme will be “One Kenya. One Net. One Vision.” You can register, here.