When we talk about cybersecurity, this role has always been alluded to be a man’s job. But, in recent times, there is a growing concern about the big gender gap in cybersecurity. In Africa, women are hugely underrepresented in the cybersecurity workforce. This is not just an Africa issue, but a global issue. As such, there have been numerous calls by the international community to foster girls and women’s entry into and participation in the field. Unfortunately, there isn’t significant movement in the African cybersecurity scene.

According to an article written by Forbes, “The argument in favour of greater gender equality in cybersecurity is really not one of right vs. wrong or men vs. women. Rather, it’s that having more women in the workplace is good for business. Diversity in perspectives, leadership, and experience is good for business.”

Inasmuch as there is only a handful of local cybersecurity women groups and communities around Africa, there have been diverse engagements to gather women enthusiasts, build skill base and create opportunities for growth. To achieve this, CyberInAfrica has published a book; African Women in Security: Remarkable Women Moving Cybersecurity In Africa, to help bridge the gender gap in cybersecurity.

The book aims to highlight the few women in the field have already contributed greatly to the industry. This includes founding cyber startups, rocking technical roles, taking up leadership positions, building next-gen talent, and more. It recognizes and celebrates remarkable ladies shaping the way in cybersecurity in the continent. It shows the value being added by the women; provides a reflection on what women can do for cybersecurity; offers inspiration for girls and other women to join the field.

CyberInAfrica is also setting up a Pan-African women’s platform to gather, connect, engage and grow women in cybersecurity in Africa, set to be announced before 2020.