Senior high school students will now be able to participate in digital rights conversations thanks to the Kiswahili Digital Rights Project. The latter is an initiative to co-create and disseminate the vocabulary of digital rights in Kiswahili to various communities in East Africa.

“In workshops with leading Kiswahili scholars from the region, we developed a list of translations of key terms that capture the key debates and issues in digital rights, and we hope to distribute these words as widely as possible. As part of this initiative, we have developed a set of flashcards featuring the 52 words,” read a part of the invite

According to the invite to nominate, the cards are designed to be used as playing cards as well. Initially, the cards will be distributed for free to senior high school students around Nairobi and Arusha with other cities and towns envisioned for the future.

“We are therefore inviting members of the public to nominate schools to receive the cards, alongside a teaching guide for self-guided or group instruction in digital rights in Kiswahili,” read another part

Please complete the following form to nominate a school of your choice.

For the rest who want to get the cards they are available at a cost of  KES 360 at Prestige Bookshop in Nairobi.

“When you purchase a set of cards, you make it possible for us to donate another set to an under-resourced school. If the school has the resources, we invite them to purchase the cards and request a talk separately so we can make as many sets available to under-resourced schools as possible,” read the invite

According to writer and activist Nanjala Nyabola, the free cards will come alongside a  40 minute talk on digital rights.

Nominate a school here.